The 9-Hole Course To Greater Intimacy!

The 9-Hole Course To Greater Intimacy!

By Steve Horsmon, March 2013

This is the presentation outline I discuss during live presentations at golf courses.  It’s a fast paced, fun seminar and the guys and I have a blast with it!  The “Golf Goddess” we discuss knows all and sees all!  Obviously, she is a metaphor for your wife.  I thought the golfers out there would enjoy taking a look at what we cover.  Call me anytime if you have questions.  This presentation can also be given in small groups at private gatherings.

Hole #1 – Par 3

Acknowledging and Admitting You’ve Been Trying the Wrong Things

    • Sex as a measure of success?  Really?
    • Allowing sex drive to screw up your sex appeal!
    • Ignoring your short game in the bedroom?

Hole #2 – Par 4

Understand Why Your Swing Is Totally Ineffective

    • Swinging too hard is extremely unattractive
    • Picking your head up is the same as ignoring your wife
    • Cussing at the ball is the same as criticizing your wife
    • Pounding the club is the same as disrespecting your wife

Hole #3 – Par 4

Remembering Your Best Game Ever

    • Calm confidence = attractive masculinity
    • Patience and humor = sexy personality
    • Not caring about the last shot = mysterious hot dude
    • Supporting everyone else’s game = her initiating for the first time!

Hole #4 – Par 3

Understand Why That Day is Hard to Repeat

    • You need to know what you don’t know!
    • You  need to believe what you NOW know!
    • You need to WANT to become the golfer you were meant to be!

Hole #5 – Par 3

Changing Your INTENT – every day!

    • Waking up tomorrow with a new INTENTION
    • Deciding to “light up” the golf course and everyone on it
    • Having a plan to stay consistent until it becomes natural

Hole #6 – Part 5

Discovering What the Golf Goddess REALLY Needs

    • Do you know her MOST BASIC needs and how she likes them met?
    • Yes, She Fantasizes…not always about you.
    • Do you have any idea how well she can read your INTENT?
    • Learning Psychology 101 so you can LOVE her better than ever before
    • Becoming aware of your *SECRET POWER* to create good feelings

Hole #7 – Par 4

Learning to Give with ZERO Expectations (not every shot will be good)

    • Filling her up for “free” is so HOT
    • Coming from a place of love in everything you say and do
    • Maintaining your “frame” – the new you is here to stay
    • Knowing about the TESTS that are coming your way

Hole #8 – Par 4

Declaring YOUR Values Without Apology

    • You ARE a sexual man – no apologies needed
    • You WILL take the responsibility for creating a positive environment for everyone in your “inner circle”
    • You DO NOT tolerate anger, disrespect, or unhealthy marital behavior from yourself or her
    • You WILL invite others to join you in your values and allow THEM to choose their own path

Hole #9 – Par 4

Remembering WHY the First 8 Holes Will Change Your Whole Game

    • This is NOT about getting laid, but that will be an outcome!
    • Improving yourself and your “game” is critical to EVERY relationship in your life
    • It took years to get where you are now.  Changing it will take time as well.

The Back 9 will be incredible if you want them to be.  If you don’t, you WILL keep enjoying the game you’ve been enjoying this far.



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