I worked with Dan for the better part of a year while going through the most difficult crisis I ever faced in my life. When things got harder than they had ever been, having Dan and the group to turn to became my main focus and, looking back, there were several other places, things or people I could have turned to that likely would not have improved who I am or how I dealt with the situation. I’m a better person for having worked with Dan.
Russ, Virginia, US

“After spending many days, even weeks, agonizing over my crumbling marriage, I finally found the courage to reach out to GoodGuys2GreatMen. I had a desperate hope that my relationship would be saved and that I would be happy again with my family. What I didn’t realize, was that I had fallen into the same relationship cycle where so many men have found themselves – hopeless, and living a life where my wife was in charge of my happiness and where she became my emotional centre.

Dan Dore was my coach throughout the entire process. I shed many tears with Dan, as well as many laughs. I experienced emotional highs and lows as I followed Dan’s direction down a path that was leading me to become a Great Man. I found true happiness and self worth that comes from me, and nobody else. I have found life to be a wonderful gift that I am in charge of. I remember so many times throughout the process where I learned so much about myself and how I came to be the guy I was when I reached out. Every session with Dan was met with excitement and anticipation as I knew, and felt the forward momentum of the program heading onward.

When I look back now, I know that this program was one of the best life decisions I have ever made. My confidence, self worth and happiness are where they should have been years ago. I grow every day and look forward to whatever life throws towards me. I feel Dan has become a friend with whom I will always get honesty, compassion, and understanding. I am grateful for the wisdom and encouragement he gave me, as well as from the other men in the program.”
Robin, Alberta, Canada

One of the best, if not the best, investments I have ever made in myself. What better person to guide you through your personal growth than someone who has actually gone through it himself. This is really about changing YOU, it is not about changing others. Dan did a really good job of SNAPPING me out of my whiny, self loathing, trance. Becoming a better man, husband, father, and friend benefits everyone around you, and THAT is something to be proud of. Thanks Dan!!
Tony, Tennessee, US

I spent 6 months with Dan as my coach. He was an amazing guide in helping me transform my life. His wisdom, curiosity and accountability were fundamental in changing everything in my life. Career, family, relationships have all improved as a result of my work with Dan.

Dan, Northern Virginia, US

I began working with Dan about 2 years ago during the most difficult season of my life. What started with the goal of “getting through” my challenges, quickly turned into what is now a life long pursuit of being the best man I can possibly be. With Dan’s guidance and helpful nudging, I not only survived my experience, but have grown immensely as a result of it. I will forever owe Dan more than he will ever know… Working with him was the best investment of my life.
Brett, Ohio, US

Dan was instrumental in helping me understand me. Dealing with outside voices and thoughts, the slight edge of doing the correct or incorrect of living adds up to positive or negative changes in the long haul of time. I learned to be happy with me first so I could share a relationship with the person I love
Steve, Nebraska, US

I’ve been working with Dan for over a year on Business and Business coaching and I cannot recommend him highly enough. It’s great to have someone who can help me see how to improve my life, relationship with those around me and also my business productivity.
Steve, Newbury, UK

Dan is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and insightful person who helps change your perspective on things that you’re stuck with. I very much recommend working with him if you’re looking for ways to move forward in all aspects of your life!
Patrick, Toronto, Canada

Dan is has in an innate talent and is able to clearly understand the relationship problems that men face. He is a natural who has clearly gone through a transformative process himself.
Nader, California, US

A truly unique experience. In a time where coaches are “a dime a dozen”… Dan is the real thing
Len, Florida, US

I really appreciate Dan and the work we did together. He helped me get started on a much better path and I will always be grateful. Dan has my highest recommendation as a men’s coach and advisor!
Barry, Atlanta, US

I worked with Coach Dan to help me get what I want out of marriage, work and relationships in general. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it! I am about a year in to this program and have seen a lot of progress. I’m not where I want to be yet, and value the long term relationship that GG2GM promotes through coaching, e-mail communication, zoom meetings, and retreats that are available to each member. I know that I can lean on this group for years to come, and that means a lot to me. This program is not for those who want to “meh” their way along, so be prepared for the financial commitment and hard work that follows!
Jason, Colorado, US

There is so much mis-information regarding relationships on social media but fortunately I came across Goodguys2Greatmen and Dan Dore. Dan will help you to strive to be the best version of yourself and to be the man that your wife desires. And if she doesn’t, that’s also ok. Women want a husband, not a child. Dan will show you the way and teach you that your happiness is not dependant on others but yourself. Thanks Dan…Keep up the good work!
Eric, Sydney, Australia

Dan was really helpful in working through some difficult stuff for me. Spent time understanding my situation ambition and desires Helped to identify books and materials most appropriate to my situation Thoroughly recommend him to get through those sticky patches in your life!
Simon, London, UK

Coaching with Dan has allowed me to overcome my anxiety and self doubt. He has helped set me on the path to be the man I’m supposed to be and go after the thing i want in life. I highly recommend him.
Ben, Colorado, US

Not only would I say that Dan’s work was highly effective at sorting some of my individual challenges; I’d go further and say that it’s essential work for anyone. With hindsight it kind of blows my mind that people don’t do this kind of self-enquiry as a matter of course. Do it.
Alex, London, UK

The work that I have done with GG2GM has made me a better person, man and husband I recommend the program and coaches
Paul, St Louis, US