“My marriage turmoil was an extremely emotional and trying time. My wife started to lose interest in me and I reacted in a way that turned her off even more. My need to please and fix things nearly ended our relationship.

Dan Dore’s compassionate and insightful coaching helped me understand the reasons she was dissatisfied, what I could (and couldn’t) do about it, and how her reaction to me depended on my attitude and self worth.

Dan will help you through this important process to develop your true self worth and leave behind the unattractive neediness and co-dependency.

Thank you Dan for being such a wonderful coach and friend.”
Eric, Sydney, Australia

“I never knew pain the level I experienced when my wife said she was moving out. The confusion, sadness, depression, ambivalence, anger, stress, etc. that came with her disconnecting from me was overwhelming to the point of physical fatigue, sleepless nights, nausea, and sub-par work performance.

I lost weight quickly from not eating and I had big arguments with family members who were trying to make sense of everything, too. Throw in the removal of any sex whatsoever and it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Talking to friends and family and reading articles on the internet didn’t help much either.

My first call to Dan came just a few weeks into my world crashing around me and I’ll never forget it: I wrote down as much as I could during that call and felt a renewed sense of pride, hope and happiness that changed my mood. Dan immediately became the number one source of trust and direction for me during those hardest of times.

Straight after that first call I was able to go out and ate a big meal for the first time in 7 days – that’s how impactful that call was for me!

The email and phone support was so helpful during those very rough first months. After talking with you, I returned to the gym, and found a new confidence in connecting with everyone in my world – from the stranger at the grocery store, the hair-cutter, the tattoo-artist to all my friends and family.

I took a job promotion. I started believing in myself rather than relying on someone else for that. The reading material kept me focused and busy and forced me to deal with issues I may have never otherwise faced.

I feel like I know myself much better, but also, I’ve learned this is a process that does not and should not come to an end – there is always more to learn and working on yourself is truly an art and science that can be both painful and joyful, but totally necessary. This work radically changed to my relationship with my kids, to my work and to my family too.

For what it’s worth, after 9 months, my wife has recently told me “I’m perfect” and that she does not want a divorce. We are having good sex again. She is interested in moving back home. Now the question is whether or not that is something I want in my life. Having a response like this from her wasn’t my intended goal, though admittedly in the beginning it’s all I really wanted.

By no means are things perfect and I still make mistakes, but I’m able to recognize behaviors and apply meaning to them without feeling confused and reacting in a way that only causes more pain. Thanks Dan!”  
Russ, Virginia, US

“After spending many days, even weeks, agonizing over my crumbling marriage, I finally found the courage to reach out to GoodGuys2GreatMen. I had a desperate hope that my relationship would be saved and that I would be happy again with my family. What I didn’t realize, was that I had fallen into the same relationship cycle where so many men have found themselves – hopeless, and living a life where my wife was in charge of my happiness and where she became my emotional centre.

Dan Dore was my coach throughout the entire process. I shed many tears with Dan, as well as many laughs. I experienced emotional highs and lows as I followed Dan’s direction down a path that was leading me to become a Great Man.

I found true happiness and self worth that comes from me, and nobody else. I have found life to be a wonderful gift that I am in charge of.

I remember so many times throughout the process where I learned so much about myself and how I came to be the guy I was when I reached out. Every session with Dan was met with excitement and anticipation as I knew, and felt the forward momentum of the program heading onward.

When I look back now, I know that this program was one of the best life decisions I have ever made. My confidence, self worth and happiness are where they should have been years ago. I grow every day and look forward to whatever life throws towards me.

I feel Dan has become a friend with whom I will always get honesty, compassion, and understanding. I am grateful for the wisdom and encouragement he gave me, as well as from the other men in the program.”
Robin, Alberta, Canada

When I think about everything in my adult life, the coaching with you was a huge point of reference, reflection, genesis….a bunch of words that would indicate the time I spent with you was a very important thing in my life.

I came to GoodGuys2GreatMen so confused about why, after all the good things I do, doesn’t good stuff happen to me, primarily in the relationship with my wife.

I was hoping to find ways to “trick” or “con” or “game” my wife into wanting me again. What I got was even better.

Dan, I couldn’t have asked for a better guide through this. You are not someone who has read this in a book, you actually went through it yourself. You made me question everything about myself.

When I finally shook the “daze” and “fog” away from my brain, you built me back up.

I feel, scratch that, I am a man that is honest and strong in his convictions.

My relationship with my wife has improved greatly, my work has improved, and I have clear missions and guidelines for my life.

The world doesn’t happen to me, I happen to the world.  I went in a scared and cocky man and came out strong enough to be gentle. Thanks for all you did my friend.  Always in debt to you,
Tony, Tennessee, US