What To Do When Your Wife Wants To Separate

Men love to fix things. This approach makes sense to him. How has that worked out in your marriage? When your wife wants to separate, having emotionally deep conversations can push her away. This is the sort of advice I give “nice guys” even though it seems to make no damn sense. In this article, You’ll discover FIVE counterintuitive steps that bring RELIEF to worried men who still love their runway wife.

Guys are usually raring to do something…anything… when their wife starts acting a little squirrely and wanting some space and independence.

And when it comes to a certain question, I always get resistance until the client actually implements the advice.

What’s the question?

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How in the world can I get her back if I don’t talk to her?!?!

The problem is always the same.

He wants MUCH more than just to “talk to her”.

He wants to know every single thought she has. He wants an explanation for every little reaction. He wants clear and specific instructions on exactly what he needs to do NOW in order to get things back in order.

Not tomorrow. Right now, dammit.

Counter-Intuitive Coaching For When Your Wife Wants To Separate

My immediate advice is to breathe – very deeply – about 10 times.

The next 5 steps are:

1. Release the drag and let some line out. (immediately stop the fight)
2. Listen more than you talk…even if she isn’t talking.
3. Stop seeing her as a horrible, disloyal person who wants to hurt you. See deeper into her fear and anger – it’s not all about you.
4. Find a high quality friend/mentor you can confide in now and spend some time with.
5. Stay present, available, responsive and engaged. Don’t run off angry or make any rash decisions.

It’s SO tempting to want to FIX this now. You want information. You want feedback. You want to fix the KNOT in your stomach trying to tell you that you just might die.

Here’s the truth. You’re not going to die.

In fact, if you can just settle down long enough to get your head on straight, you’ll realize that you’re going to be just fine.

We teach men how to “stay in their lane” so they can stop over-reacting.

This is the perfect time to learn how to be more calm, courageous and confident as you face these tests in life.

I talk about it more in this video.

YouTube video

Why You Need To Stop Chasing Your Runaway Wife

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Clarity. It’s king.

Clarity of thought. Clarity about your feelings. Clarity about what is REALLY happening so you can settle down and sleep.

Without clarity, everything feels out of control.

When your wife wants to separate, it can feel like you’re on the uphill side of a seesaw with her sitting on the other side…just sitting there. And you’ve got no clue when/if she’ll let you down. Clarity. It’s king. When you gain clarity about what’s REALLY going on, you find the relief you crave.

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