Should I Still Fight to Save My Marriage?

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Today’s article is focused on a question that we get asked all the time:

We’re heading toward divorce, so at this stage, do I still fight to try and save the marriage?

It’s been said there are no atheists in foxholes.

This implies that under extremely stressful conditions, everyone starts looking to a higher power for help or guidance.

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Not everyone.

When my marriage was turning horribly painful and stressful, I sure wasn’t looking toward religion or any type of spiritual connection for help.

I was too busy trying to fix things. I didn’t need any stinkin’ “spiritual help”.

I was using my intellect to analyze and understand things. I dissected everything she did and said and planned a counter argument that would surely convince her she was wrong.

With hard work and focus, I knew I could change her feelings and stop the darkness and fear surrounding me.

Who needs spirituality when you’ve got the tools of logic, analysis and a good work ethic?

You do. That’s who. And I do too.

We answer this question in the video below which is a short clip from one of our Men’s Live Roundtable group coaching sessions:

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Every man we work with who has successfully battled through the darkness of a struggling marriage has done so because he developed spiritual clarity.

Some guys develop the strength and compassion to create a loving and inspiring new relationship with their wife.

Other men move on with confidence and optimism to create an amazing and fulfilling relationship with someone new.

Neither outcome would be possible if they did not achieve spiritual clarity.

What do I mean by spiritual clarity?

I’m talking about an emotionally powerful and inspiring belief that you are meant to have a fulfilling and passionate life.

I’m talking about an unshakable faith that you were born with a purpose you deserve to fulfill – a purpose the universe needs you to fulfill. I’m talking about an irresistible, non-negotiable vision which is pulling you to live the loving, engaged and connected life you know you want to live before it’s too late.

If you do not have spiritual clarity you are likely to feel stuck.

The twisted knot in your gut and daily frustrations linger indefinitely.

Without spiritual clarity, you continue to think, say, and do things that sabotage your efforts to have what you really want. Negativity, blame and anger dominate you.Your relationship gets worse.

Without spiritual clarity, you believe every negative thing you think and hear is true. And you react with resentment and contempt which pull you further into the downward spiral you’re fighting against.

You stay stuck and keep thinking you are doomed to unhappiness.

In her book, “Confidence: Finding It and Living It”, Dr. Barbara DeAngelis beautifully explains the importance of Emotional Confidence, Behavioral Confidence, and Spiritual Confidence. She makes a compelling case for why spiritual clarity is so important. It must precede the first two.

Emotional Confidence is the clarity and values driving what we think and feel about events in our life.

Behavioral Confidence is the clarity and values driving how we choose to respond to those events.

Spiritual Confidence is the foundation supporting our ability to think, feel, and respond in the ways that honor ourselves and our values.

With a strong belief about the life you are meant to have, you can stop taking things so personally. You know the pain won’t last forever and you can choose to face it more productively. If you believe you will have the love, respect, affection, trust, and intimacy you want then your pain today is just a stepping stone.

With faith in your purpose you know what you deserve and you fight boldly against the negative forces pulling you from that purpose. You are unafraid to speak your mind and defend your values from a place of love instead anger.

And with a compelling vision of your future you courageously pursue the life and relationship you want and you create the environment necessary to have it. You hold yourself accountable to higher standards because you want to and it is only men with those standards who get what they want.

In our coaching, we spend a lot of time helping a man get crystal clear.

He becomes unapologetic in asking for what he wants and stating what he expects. He is emotionally confident and responds to frustration with clarity, strength, compassion, and empathy.

He declares a stronger set of values and personal accountability for being a man who is proud of himself.

He no longer tries to analyze his wife or tries to make her happy all the time. He stops walking on eggshells in his own home. He is confident in who he is being and how he behaves.

But all of those things are extremely hard to do if he has no sense of why he wants those things.

Are you clear about your “why”?

Your “why” lives in the land of your spiritual clarity.

You have to go there first before you can confidently think, feel, and act like a man who creates the life and relationship he deserves.

This is what makes a man subconsciously attractive to women – because he has a reason to look forward to the next morning and the morning after that and the morning after that…

Dan and I have a mission to bring men out from their shells of anxiety and frustration and we’re finding men all around the world who are starting to open up with us.

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