Saving Your Marriage vs. Saving Yourself

By:  Steve Horsmon

This may be my shortest blog post ever.  Good, huh?

These words may be the most important I’ve written for another person – man or woman.

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These words helped me see things differently and start a new path in my life.

During the darkest times in my marriage (yes, failed marriage), a great man and mentor told me this,

“The changes you need to make in yourself may or may not save your marriage.  They ARE the ONLY changes that could lead your wife to choosing to stay and work on a better marriage.  They are the ONLY changes that will bring back your confidence and self-respect.  I’m more concerned with your NEXT relationship.  You need to make these changes for that!”

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2 thoughts on “Saving Your Marriage vs. Saving Yourself”

  1. This is a great article. (saying nothin’ at all.) It is right to the point for all of us (men and women) to think about and to take to heart when we are trying to get on a new and better track in our marriages. I for one try to keep quiet and listen to my man and even if he is being the bad guy instead of the man of my dreams at the time. I find myself thinking about who the man of my dreams is and I go to that place when I am trying to keep my mouth closed. I understand you must let your partner be who they are and to love them that way. But I also think it is a two way street. Your partner needs to love you for who you are and let it be okay to be that person and know the love, respect, honesty, and consideration from your partner will always be there unconditionally and know it is real. It is so much easier to be you and treat your partner with all the things like love , respect etc… if you know they are doing the same for you. I once heard a pastor say to a couple that was getting married that a marriage is about two people giving 100% of themselves to the other. No holding back and not judgment only love for that person. What a concept. To have a person in your life that could do that with you. That is a LIFETIME PARTNER for sure. I think the growth possibilities under those circumstances would be endless. and the love and sex would be out of this world wonderful. What do you think…?

    • I think your comments are great! About 20% of my readers are women all of whom are perfect role models for the type of open, honest, direct communication I teach men. Thank you for that, Cindy.

      You’re right…when both people try 100% (and actually know where to focus their 100%), relationships thrive – not just survive.


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