The Masculine Feminine Dance

Loving The Dance

A deep dive into leading the energy and emotion of your relationship

What is it you want from your intimate, romantic relationship?

How do you deepen the care, love and respect for each other through emotional honesty and vulnerability?

How do you move from emotional connection to spiritual and sexual connection?

Why do men desire that women surrender to us and what has them resist opening?

How can you learn to know when she needs a certain type of masculine energy from you?

Why and how she wants you to take the first step and lead the dance.

Leading the Intimate Intention Toward a Deeper Connection

What you’ll notice as we dive deeper into this topic is that it becomes more interesting and engaging the deeper we go.

The loving energy of the group will safely allow you to shed fears that have been holding you back from becoming the fully sensual and sexual man you were meant to be. 

Live calls alongside a supporting Facebook Group and assignments designed to profoundly change how women feel and receive you. 

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Be More Aware of the Energy You’re Creating and the Impact it’s Having

With a focus on becoming much more aware of the effect we are having on other people and in particular on women, we will dive deep into how you can use your senses to create deeper trust, powerful connection and more intimacy wherever you go.

We will demonstrate to you exactly how women feel you all the time.

Plus what has them feel safe and trust you so they can open more and more deeply.

cuddling man and womanA Truly Unique Opportunity

Most men’s programs are wonderful at providing a supportive safe place for you to be vulnerable and open to having your views and beliefs challenged. That environment is essential for you to grow and deepen your masculine energy.

This program is unique in that through Alexis, we will also provide live feedback from the feminine for you to experience your masculine energy changing and learn how to deliberately channel different kinds of masculinity confidently to “fuck her heart open to love.”

Dan will be holding the safe space of shared experience, love and support for you to open up and be vulnerable so that Alexis can meet you there with her love and care. Many of us have never had this experience of being fully seen, accepted and loved deliberately and consciously by the feminine.

We will be questioning your commitment to sharing your truth in each moment, deepening and broadening your capacity to create intimate connection whenever you want.

Practice The 12 Steps To Your Personal Dance

The Dance

Masculine and feminine are two poles of the same thing, energy, and when you learn to be conscious of which energy you are using when, it can be incredibly powerful in creating intrigue, attraction and closeness in a relationship with another person.


Presence is a foundation to emotional connection. An ability to bring your undistracted focus and attention to the person you are with so that they feel you with them. It’s an ability to explore our genuine curiosity to better understand, see and appreciate ourselves and each other at a deeper level. 

Knowing Yourself

Knowing who you are, what you stand for and why is important in every area of life but in intimate moments with a woman it is critical. Can you stand for what you believe even when you are being challenged? Can you show her who you are in more than words?

Getting Her World

How can you fully understand her experience? What does it mean to her when she feels you truly listened? Can you understand not only what she’s saying, but what is behind what she’s saying, and why it’s so important to get this.

Connecting & Play

The way that women feel connected is by feeling your desire to know who they really are. Can you show her that you are interested in seeing who she is underneath her outside defenses? How can you learn to love and play with her resistance and fears in a way that makes her feel safe to open to the dance with you.


Rejection is the fastest path to seeing the conditions and expectations hiding behind your love. It’s also a clear path to understanding her current emotional state and connection to you. Can you move from asking for an experience from her to inviting her into an adventure with you? How deeply can you know your own experience and finally rid yourself of the fear of disappointment and pain.

Holding Structure

The feminine wants to move, to create, to express, to be seen and appreciated. How are you getting in the way of her expression? Do you want her to share her emotions, her openness, her trust, her vulnerability, her turn on with you? Then how can you stay with her and provide the conditions she needs to open?

Feeling Her & Feeling You

You are always communicating with her and she is always feeling you, so what are you telling her? How can you know what she is receiving from you? How can you know what she is feeling? Can you use the information that feelings provide to strengthen the connection between you even when you’re nervous or upset?

Relating & Relationship

How you relate is the food for the fire and passion in your relationship. What has a woman get curious and want to know more about you? How does the way you view and approach the relationship change the way she can openly communicate with you? What has her commit to you and the live connection between you?

Trust & Surrender

Trust is the currency of intimacy and connection. How do women require trust differently to men? How can you inspire her trust. What stops you from trusting her? Why do men innately want women to surrender to them? Why do women want it too but also resist it? What does it provide for both men and women? What’s possible when both surrender to each other?

Sexual Desire & Lust

What is it about masculine energy that literally makes her wet instantly? How do you cultivate that energy in you? How does she feel the difference in you when you’re turned on? How can you feel lust and make her feel safe to want to bring you the pleasure you desire?

Dark Masculine

There’s a place a woman wants to go in pleasure that she can’t get to on her own. It’s nourishing to her soul there but she needs someone to lead her. How can you live on the edge of your comfort zone with the feminine and start pushing her comfort zone at the same time? How can you own all that you are and open her to all that she can be?

How Does The Program Work?

A 12 Session/6 Month Long Coaching Group with 10 men maximum.

Starts on February 12th, 2020 with two calls per month. (Full list of dates to follow shortly)

To support each other to rapidly learn how your masculine energy can evoke her feminine response which makes your blood pump in a good way.

Intelligent, caring men who are determined to create more connection, passion and intimacy in their life and relationships.

Join the group calls live from the comfort and privacy of your own home, office or wherever!

Zoom online live video conferencing.

Who Are Dan & Alexis?

Alexis Shepperd

Dan Dore

An experienced group leader and men’s coach with Goodguys2Greatmen, Dan has coached hundreds of men through intense, deep growth and transformation.

Dan has personally gone through the very same growth process he takes his clients through and is dedicated to continuing to deepen his understanding and growth so he can better help men flourish in their lives and relationships.Alexis Shepperd

Alexis Shepperd

Dr. Alexis Shepperd ( has worked with women individually and in groups for 20 years, founded and ran the renowned Authentic Woman Experience for many years and also has a wealth of experience coaching men and couples.

She has a PhD in psychology and an amazing understanding of how to help men and women identify and go for what they really want from life and relationships.

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