How to Make Your Wife More Affectionate in 7 Days

One reason I do what I do is the joy of watching another guy’s “lights coming on” for the first time.

What do I mean by that?

This is when a powerful new perspective and an incredibly confident wave of awareness happens for him. Or, he just mastered a new skill in his masculine mojo toolbox.

One example of this is when a long time married guy spends SEVEN STRAIGHT DAYS practicing just ONE new behavior with his wife. Then I hear this on day 8. (this is absolutely true)

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“This week she has been more affectionate, relaxed and complimentary toward me than this entire last year! I know it’s because of the change I made.”

What was the new behavior?

There are dozens of examples of changes you can make, but in this case, it was simply to STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.

Really. In this case, it was that simple.

Now, of course, this was a customized solution for a man who is doing some deep work with me.

He learned that he was asking way too many pestering, intrusive questions. It became a source of constant pressure that kept her away and in a defensive, distant and snarky mood.

I talk in more depth about this phenomena in the video below.

YouTube video


The “lights” came on for him.

What he learned was not only was SHE affected by the constant pressure of questions, he hated being that guy. He learned that she couldn’t like him before he liked himself.

Fixing that became even more important to him than her reactions to him. And feeling good about himself was the powerful motivation he needed to start making these kinds of changes. He did it for HIM – not her.

His penchant for pestering questions came from a place of insecurity most men never talk about. And I can relate. This was one area I had to face and tackle for myself.

What does it take to become massively more confident and secure in yourself so you can give a woman what she needs to feel more appreciative, relaxed and complimentary?

It takes a commitment to learning, internalizing and PRACTICING a whole new mindset. New operating principles. Brand new mojo.

And we’ll never find that just in a book, video or podcast. What worked for me is what will work for you. Spending dedicated time with other initiated men and committing yourself to a process of personal change.

This is how we turn our “lights turn on”. And there’s nothing else I would rather do than to spend some quality time helping you do that. I’ve developed a reliable 90-day process that gets consistent results for men and it doesn’t hurt a bit.

Actually, we end up laughing together more than anything else.

As one guy said to me the other day:

“Today there is better energy. I’ve explained my insight to her in a non-apologetic, non-approval seeking way. And it feels cool. Because I don’t care how she feels about me. I love this work!” (way to go JM)

It all starts with a simple, powerful, courageous conversation.

Click here to get started. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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You WILL become a clearer, stronger, more confident man only through other men. Your woman cannot take you there – and she doesn’t WANT to…trust me on that.

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