Is Your Marriage Heading For Divorce?

Co-written by Dr Alexis Shepperd, Ph.D. Life & Relationship Coach

Should You Divorce Or Try To Stay Married?

The Crossroads: Salvaging Your Marriage or Making the Tough Call To End It
Here at Goodguys2Greatmen we help you face the current reality of your marriage. Not the fluffy Instagram version, but the gritty, down-and-dirty truth about what you’re facing and the options you have to move forward.

We guide men through the minefield of either leading the growth of your relationship or ending it with good intentions for everyone. We are experts in helping you identify what you want, whether that is possible in your current relationship and supporting you to confidently navigate the tough decisions along the way.

Reclaiming Your Strength and Purpose
Standing at this crossroads in your life can be like riding and endless emotional rollercoaster. Whether you choose to rebuild or navigate through divorce, you’ll need something powerful you can rely on to support you and guide you. We work with men in this situation all day, every day, and one thing that sounds counterintuitive but is essential during this period in your life is a commitment to yourself to use this time to reignite your internal fire and self belief, reclaim your future, and become the man you truly want to be.

Rebuilding Your Self Confidence
If you choose to rebuild your marriage, it’s not just the relationship that needs work. Your own confidence needs a boost too. Our coaching helps you identify the areas where you feel insecure and develop strategies to build your mojo and confidence again. It’s about defining who you are as a man, setting some intentional personal goals, taking action, and reclaiming your sense of power within the relationship. Remember, a stronger, more confident you leads to a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

How To Use This Challenge In The Right Way
If divorce becomes your path forward, know that it’s not the end of your story, but instead it’s the start of a new chapter waiting to be written. The initial uncertainty might shake your confidence and have you scrabbling for some solid ground and certainty, but within you lies the foundations of a stronger self belief, a more authentic man and a masculine energy that women love to experience. Our coaching can help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster, rediscover your passions, and rekindle the fire that fuels your spirit.

Whether it’s reconnecting with old hobbies, exploring new adventures, or diving into a long-forgotten passion of yours, we can help you find your purpose and let it be your guiding light.

Finding Your Passion Again
Remember the things that made your eyes sparkle before life got complicated with responsibilities? Rediscovering your passions is key to rebuilding your confidence. Our coaching helps you unearth those forgotten desires, whether it’s playing music, creating a new career, writing a book, mastering a new skill, or embarking on an impossible outdoor adventure. These passions are the embers that reignite your inner fire, reminding you of the strong, capable man and leader that you truly are.

Purpose And Building a Life You Love
Your worth as a man isn’t tied solely to your relationship status and whether she loves (or even likes) you anymore. It’s time to expand your horizons and find fulfillment beyond this one relationship. Our coaching helps you identify your core values, stand up for the standard of life you want, set clear direction in various aspects of your life – career, health, love, sex, family, social connections – and build a life that fires you up to jump out of bed every morning. Remember, a man with purpose in all areas is a man with unwavering self-confidence, ready to face any challenge.

Becoming the Man You Were Meant to Be
This crossroads is an opportunity for transformation. It’s a chance to shed the skin of doubt and step into the role of the man you were meant to be. With self-awareness, the courage to face your fears, and the support of a guide by your side, you can rebuild your confidence, reclaim your purpose, and write a new chapter filled with passion, strength, and a love for life that shines brighter than ever before.

This journey won’t be easy, but we’re here with you every step of the way. Remember, brother, you have the power within you to rise above the ashes and build a life that’s filled with purpose, passion, and unwavering self-confidence. Let’s walk this path together, and emerge on the other side stronger, clearer, and ready to embrace the future, whatever it may hold.

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Can a marriage facing divorce survive and thrive?

Living a miserable life while in a committed, romantic relationship certainly is challenging, no-one could argue that point, but the strain differs from one partner to the other.

The bottom line? Marriage is a journey, and sometimes the map gets ripped up and tossed around in a storm. But with self-awareness, honest communication, and a willingness to face the hard truths, you can navigate the storm. Whether you choose to rebuild your relationship or chart a new course, remember that prioritizing your well-being and making choices aligned with your values is the ultimate sign of strength. This is your story, brother. Write it with courage, clarity, and maybe a dash of lawyerly advice :)

Now, let’s talk. What’s the real score in your marriage? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and rebuild, or is it time to make a tough call? Apply for a free call here, and let’s navigate this together.



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