Stars who have Been Married Four Times or More

The happiness and satisfaction of these celebrities in their marriages varied greatly. While some found happiness and stability in later marriages, others faced challenges and divorces repeatedly. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Elizabeth Taylor (8 marriages): Elizabeth Taylor’s marriages were often highly publicized and included tumultuous relationships. Her fifth and sixth marriages to Richard Burton were some of the most famous. While her later marriages brought some happiness, her love life was marked by both passion and heartbreak.
  2. Mickey Rooney (8 marriages): Mickey Rooney’s eight marriages were often characterized by difficulties, including financial troubles and divorce. He experienced both happy and challenging times in his various marriages.
  3. Larry King (8 marriages): Larry King had a series of marriages and divorces, with varying degrees of happiness and challenges in each. He often remained on good terms with his ex-wives.
  4. Zsa Zsa Gabor (9 marriages): Zsa Zsa Gabor had a series of marriages, and while some brought her happiness, her love life was frequently marred by divorces and legal disputes.
  5. Jerry Lee Lewis (7 marriages): Jerry Lee Lewis’s personal life was marked by numerous marriages, divorces, and controversies. Some of his marriages were happy, but others ended in acrimony.
  6. Lana Turner (8 marriages): Lana Turner’s love life was often turbulent, with several marriages ending in divorce. She experienced both happiness and challenges in her relationships.
  7. Rue McClanahan (6 marriages): Rue McClanahan’s marriages varied in terms of happiness, and she faced divorces and personal struggles in some of them.
  8. Marie Osmond (4 marriages): Marie Osmond’s fourth marriage to Stephen Craig, her first husband, has been relatively stable, and they have remained together. However, her previous marriages brought their own set of challenges.

The happiness of these celebrities in their marriages was diverse, with some finding lasting happiness and stability in later unions, while others faced repeated challenges and divorces. The complexities of their love lives were often magnified by their public personas and the media’s scrutiny.