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My Wife Said She Doesn’t Have Feelings For Me Anymore

We talk to men every day who say “My Wife Said She Doesn’t Have Feelings For Me Anymore” – it can be a bombshell to us. What does it mean? What can you do? What is going on in your relationship that causes her to say something like this? There’s an ability that you have in your tool kit which you may not even be aware of and almost certainly don’t know how powerful it is in creating connection and intimacy. It’s incredibly simple to use too. But most of us are too crippled by our own thinking to believe in […]

How to Handle Your Runaway Wife

I give a lot of advice that seems to make no damn sense. Guys are usually raring to do something…anything… when their wife starts acting a little squirrelly and wanting some space and independence. And when it comes to a certain question, I always get resistance until the client actually implements the advice. What’s the question? How in the world can I get her back if I don’t talk to her?!?! The problem is always the same. He wants MUCH more than just to “talk to her”. He wants to know every single thought she has. He wants an explanation for […]

My Wife Just Said She Wants A Divorce, And Now I Can’t Think

It’s counter intuitive but when your “wife just said she wants a divorce,” sometimes a good laugh is the last thing on your mind, but exactly what you need! Laughing releases all kinds of feel-good endorphins which is why Tim Wade and I made sure to add lots of humor in our new How to Defuse The Divorce Bomb course. In this 8-hour, deep dive, online coaching course we go “deep, dark and funny” to describe the serious psychological and emotional impact divorce can have on a man. The “darkness” is about the “suck” factor of a pending divorce and the […]