Sexless Marriage Celebrities (Silo)

Celebrity’s are not immune to no sex in relationships or marriages as we learn from Steven Fry.
Ulrika Jonsson, 52 was in in a Sexless marriage before she found her new love.
The married couples who NEVER have sex in the Daily Mail.
Famous couples married and not married not having sex.
Nadya Suleman has not had sex for 13 years and wants to remain that way.
Elvis may have been the king of rock and roll but for his wife there was no sex.
Dry spells for Megan Fox’s Husband.
Chris O’Dowd Looking Forward to Sexless Marriage.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s sexless marriage
Scott Disick Fed Up With Sexless Romance
Denise Welch better known in Corry went through a long spell of Sexlessness