Men In sexless marriages true stories (Silo)

10 Men Talk About Their Sexless Marriage all with different points of view and different situations.
A guy talking about how he only has sex with his wife sex maybe three or four times annually.
My Wife and I Are Living in a Sexless Marriage
‘I’ve been in a sexless marriage for 30 years a guy tells how he would be lying if he didn’t admit he misses sex.
Sexless Marriage A guy in his 60s talking about divorce after being sexless for quite some time.
A guy who is talking about being happily married for 35 years and still loves my wife. But he is also in a sexless marriage that seems to be destroying him.
A man talking about how he has not had sex in the last 8 years.
How my ex wifes menopause ended my marriage and what I wished I’d known then.
We haven’t had sex in over a year and a half because of my wife’s lack of interest.
A brave guy trying to confront his intimacy issues that has led to a sexless marriage.
A guy asking for help after not having sex with his wife for 6 years.
A guy talking about his sexless marriage
A man talking about starting to get to the point of living in a sexless marriage